"Suffering from what appears to be bizarre hallucinations, Julian Torres contacts a beautiful parapsychologist and uncovers an unprecedented paranormal event known as the Fury. Their only hope seems to be a high tech prototype device - the G.A.R.D.E.N - a theoretical poltergeist buster. Acquiring the Garden is more dangerous than Julian's new friends expect as a vengeful stalker turns their search into an unexpected game of death. But their conflict pales in comparison to the epic battle for survival that awaits Julian as he confronts the malevolent Fury in the Garden."



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 The GARDEN - Gallo Accelerated Rspk Degeneration Entity Neutralizer

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Some Reviews


"I find Fury in the Garden-Dream Version spellbinding! I can't put it down!
From a paranormal investigator's view - Well Done! It's a look into what
paranormal investigating could someday be."

-- Rhonda Short
Co-Founder SPPI Shadow Patrol Paranormal Investigations



 "As a Paranormal investigator & founder of a paranormal team,
I find Fury in the Garden Dream Version to be really interesting from beginning to end  --
-- I will be recommending it to all my friends & fellow paranormal investigators."

-- Allen Wolfshadow
Founder & Lead Investigator
Ghost Hunters Incorporated



"Poltergeist is the German word for noisy ghost and is often thought
to be associated with pre-pubescent teens. These individuals can cause
the movement of material objects through PK or psychokinesis much
like a psychic temper tantrum to fly around a room.
While not associated with discarnate entities or spirits it is
often lumped together by Hollywood film makers.
In John Pagan's fictionalized account, you will read about the
terrors often associated with the poltergeist phenomena."

-- Dale Kaczmarek
President of the Ghost Research Society

















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