Pictures and videos, some of which are unusual.









UFO 2?

Labelle, Florida

(Darkened to enhance the artifact in the sky.)

"John....look center top of this photo I took 2 days ago and you will notice a saucer shaped object. It feaked me out!

it disappeared within maybe 2 seconds as it flew right with insane speed."  --  Kevin Hodge





Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Parade Scene - That's Me in the Background

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My 11:11 Phenomena Interview

Nancy Gaskins on Blogtalk Radio!


Some connection issues, but still a pleasant interview. (Allow time for loading.)





My Radio Interview With Bill Hartley

May 16th 2014   Archived at

Ghosthunting Bill Hartley of the Haunted Whispers Radio Show

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What Do You See?

Photo Provided By Cristina Mendez

Did you notice the bizarre face on the floor? Strange sounds reportedly were heard from this room and when this photo was taken the face was noticed. I'm told a woman supposedly also died in this room. A capture of some paranormal activity, or a photoshopped image? You decide.





Strange Photo Streak

When this photo was taken of this blouse in my friend's closet, she captured this unexpected anomaly. Insect? I don't think so. A hair or thread? Possibly. Or could it be something else? What ever it is, it caught her completely by surprise.





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Celebrity voice inpersonator - Kris Johnson

Arnold Swarzenegger Does Not Actually Endorse My Books. Yet.




The Fury in the Garden logo on a Ferrari Formula 1 Race Car at the Grand Prix! :)







Wiseguy Has a Few Words About John Pagan's 11:11 Phenomena





Ark of the Covenant Coincidence


Late last night, as I was falling asleep, I noticed the window and curtains appeared to be a kind of tabernacle in appearance. It brought to mind the Ark of the Covenant which reminded me of the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. See the pictures below:


Notice in the first darker picture to the left, how it appears to be a large box (tabernacle?)
protruding between the curtains from beneath the illuminated blinds above it. Last night,
as I looked at this, it was darker in the room and the blinds were obviously not illuminated as
they are here from the sunlight outside. The brighter picture on the right was a true surprise.
After activating the flash on my phone camera, I didn't expect it to appear as if rays of light
were coming from the illuminated "tabernacle" box that now appears extended into the room!
Is the Ark of the Covenant behind that protective covering (blinds) on top of that tabernacle?
Ha, obviously not, but it makes for a very interesting optical illusion doesn't it? And it also
makes for a very interesting coincidence......

The next day - this morning - as I was about to check my email, this headline was in my face:

New clues to fate of Ark of the Covenant

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Labelle, Florida.  9/15/2013





Finally! I've been waiting for a decent UFO pic and here are two photos by Kevin Hodge enhanced and enlarged for better viewing.

 "Driving south down S.R. 80 in Labelle, Florida...a strange object came out of the large storm cloud and hovered for about 2 minutes and I was able to snap a couple of pics. Just as I readied to take another, the object went back up behind the storm cloud at an incredible speed!" -- Kevin Hodge




Dog License?

He also passed the written part of the driving test.


Posted 5-25-13




Strange Light in the Sky?

(Or construction lights down the block?)















Image From Parallel Universe? 11-13-12





Hope You Had a Safer Halloween  : )






Can You Believe This is a "Toy" ?

Incredible detail - amazing likeness.




Sky Writing / Advertising


"Go Team Nordegren" (?)  Five planes flying side by side create these messages.




Possible Orb and Ghost Captured on Film? 8-20-12



The photo on the left appears to contain what paranormal researchers call an "Orb". It appears large on the upper right corner just above the pretty woman and infant. Orbs are thought to be a manifestation of a spirit made visible via a photograph. Some researchers have concluded the orbs in photos are actually dust particles or moisture on the camera lens. However, it's interesting to note, of the six other photos taken with the same camera, this orb image does not appear in any of them.

The photo on the right is the entrance of a tourist mine shaft in a place called "Calico" - an old alleged ghost town. The entrance was very dark before the photo flash illuminated it as it appears above. A dim, misty-like artifact appears to be in front of the entrance. A reflection of the flash? Or perhaps something otherworldly captured in this photo? You decide.




2011 Symmetrical Chemtrail Spraying? 8-20-12

Or the most organized flights to ever leave O'Hare Airport?




The Fog 8-20-12

Taken last year.





No Pot of Gold Found. 8-20-12

I suddenly crave a bowl of Lucky Charms.




Jilliann Pagan's Commentary





Silent Lightning Storm

A LOT of flashing lightning, zero thunder.






A Real X-Men Wolverine? (10-31-11)


Not really, this is your Trick for Halloween.

Have a  fun but Safe one!





Bizarre Sighting in Addison Illinois (9-15-11)


Some people take their diets a little too seriously. And this was parked in front of a Home Run Inn Pizza too.








About a year ago, I drove my wife to work late. I had not eaten for most of the day and decided to eat the sandwich I bought just prior to arriving at her workplace. It was about 11:00 pm when I noticed what appeared to be two bright red lights from an otherwise darkened window. It was the top floor window of a two-floor senior resident's housing unit in Glenbrook Illinois. To this day, I still do not know if the unit is occupied.

I kept staring at the strange lights mainly because it had the most unmistakable shape of two large red glowing eyes. It was as if a gigantic cat was intently staring at me through the window. They were oval shaped, slanted slightly inward to each other and both had the single slit in the center, exactly like a cat's eye. I kept watching to see if the "eyes" would blink at all, but they never did. It was just this ominous intense staring. Curiosity got the better of me, I had to know what it was. Was it a prank, was it the elderly resident of the unit trying to frighten me away, perhaps thinking I had negative intentions for remaining in the parking lot? I wanted to know what it was.

I had my phone next to me, so I attempted to take a picture of it from the car. However, even after zooming in, it was still not clear enough. Also, one of the nearby lamps of the parking lot ruined the pic as well with it's bright light. I found it strange that when I looked at it, it was plainly clear to see, the red eye shapes were very easily distinguishable. But when I looked through the camera to take a photo, it was not as clear at all. I assumed it had to do with the distance, so I got out of the car for a closer shot.

I stood about 30 feet away and tried another shot. Now the flash of the camera was too intense as it reflected off the walls and other lights connected to the walls, resulting in an almost whited out image. I quickly fumbled with the phone to turn the flash off and walked about 12 feet closer to the red eyes in the dark window above. The pic was still unclear, some of the property lights were still distorting the photo. As I stepped closer, I was concerned I might spook somebody  living there and they might call the cops, so I decided to take just one more photo and get off the property.


This illustration to the right here is how it actually appeared in the window.




Below is the original (enhanced for clarity) photo and an enlarged version of the same photo.





Mothman sighting? Giant cat? A cardboard cut out with a red light behind it? Some say the silhouette of a bald man can be seen in the window below it. What do YOU think this could have been?


UPDATE (6-27-11)

Mystery Solved?

Well, it seems the answer to the aforementioned questions is: None of the Above. During a recent visit to the sighting area, I found what appears to be the actual source of the mysterious red "eyes" and it's a ceiling lamp. The pictures below appear to put an end to the mystery.





Most elderly people have difficulty seeing in the dark. It seems strange the owner of this housing unit would have a "red" setting for this ceiling lamp as it may not be bright enough during dark evenings, but it could simply be this owner has excellent eye sight and simply likes the color red.




Fast Moving Orb?


While taking random photos (breaking in the phone camera) I immediately noticed something. It only took a second to notice a strange artifact in the photo. It appeared to be a transparent 'something' moving across the living room. Is it an orb? A ghost? A smudge across the lens? Or maybe a fly crossing in front of the camera just as the camera flashed? If it's a fly, why does it appear transparent? Perhaps a digital anomaly? There has not been any other strange activity in the home worth mentioning. And while I did not see a fly in the house at first, one did appear in the lower washer and dryer area.